Where is the Area Career Center located?  The Area Career Center is located on the campus of United Township High School in East Moline, Illinois.


Who may attend the Area Career Center?  Any junior or senior who attends one of the following schools is eligible to attend the Area Career Center. Alleman High School, AlWood High School, Geneseo High School, Moline High School, Orion High School, Riverdale High School, Rock Island High School, Rockridge High School, Sherrard High School, United Township High School


If a student is interested in attending or wants to know more about the Area Career Center, what should he or she do?  The student should contact their counselor at their home high school and fill out an application.


How will I benefit by attending classes at the Area Career Center?  The Area Career Center offers many courses/programs not normally taught at the individual’s participating high school.  The ACC offers instruction in well equipped labs by instructors who are experts in their area.  In addition, the Area Career Center has a number of programs that take place off campus with business partners.  Also, many of our programs are eligible for Dual Credit with Black Hawk College.