Grades 11 12 Credits 1.0 Full Year

Course Fees: $5 per semester

Prerequisites: Computer Technology B and Computer Technology A strongly recommended.


Course Description

This is a one-period course that meets for the full year.  It integrates computer technology, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.  Students will exit with skills needed for success in college and/or the workplace.  Areas of instruction may include:  Multi-media, Web tools, Presentation skills, On-line research, Desktop publishing, Layout and design techniques, Software integration, advanced applications, and future technology trends.  Instructional strategies may include:  Project-based inquiry, various computer/technology applications, Teacher demonstrations, collaborative instruction, and peer teaching.  Emphasis will be on developing 21st Century technology and interpersonal skills.  Inquiry based learning will encourage students to define, research, evaluate and develop solutions to problems that reflect current business issues.  Software products will include Microsoft Office, Google docs, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Open Office applications.