Grades 11 12 Credits 2.5 Full Year

Course Fees: $10 first semester

$10 second semester

Prerequisites: Child Development and/or Parenting recommended. A current physical and TB test are required. Art supplies to be purchased by student are optional.


Course Description

This course provides students with information and practical experiences needed for the development of competencies related to child/adult care, day care, and other education services occupations. Laboratory experiences, either in a school-based or worksite learning facility, are included throughout the class. Students meet standards in developing programs and assisting with children’s and/or adult’s activities. Classroom study includes the philosophy and management of care centers and the state and local regulations governing care giving operations. The learning experiences will involve working with children/adults simulating those found in business and industry, as well as preparation for developing and facilitating these activities.




Grade 12 Credits 3.0 Full Year

Course Fees: $5 per semester

$7 binder optional

Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of ACC Child Care 1 and instructor recommendation.


Course Description


This course emphasizes the skills associated with the administration of the infant, child and adult care facilities and education centers. Skills, strategies and issues related to caring for infants and special needs children and adults, where applicable, are included. Emphasis is placed on career opportunities, communication skills, human relations and the service needs of clients in the occupational area. The major learning experiences will involve actual work with children and /or adults in facilities simulating those found in the workplace/industry, and discussion of the situations and problems that arise during the learning experiences. State licensing and certification requirements and regulations related to all aspects of care and education are stressed throughout the course. Careers in the occupational area will be investigated, including entrepreneurship.