Design & Drafting




Grades 11 12 Credits 2.5 Full Year

Course Fees: $5 per semester

Prerequisites: Drafting 1 and Communication Technology recommended.


Course Description

Architectural course is designed to provide students interested in a career in Architecture with information and practical experience needed for the development of job-related competencies. Students are made aware of the career opportunities available in the Architectural Drafting and Architectural Drafting CAD – CADD field. Instruction is provided in the areas of planning and organizing activities, researching information, performing general office procedures, preparing of preliminary drawings, basic layout, detail drawings, reproduction techniques, producing working drawings, and computer aided drafting. Students are also provided with instruction in producing architectural drawings in the areas of presentation, floor plans, illustration of landscape features, sketching preliminary floor plans, drawing foundation plans and sections, exterior elevations, stair sections, chimney sections, roof sections, finish schedules, preparing plumbing, HVAC and electrical plans, and structural drawings.


Mechanical course introduces students to layout to scale using specified tolerances, preparing detail drawing for individual parts from drawings, layout and creating assembly drawings, and preparing mechanical orthographic subassembly drawings. This course also includes a sequence of CAD experiences in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional drawing generation to include vocabulary development, system operation, entity creation, dimensioning and text insertion, plotting, three dimensional coordinate system, 3-D parts detailing and assembly drawings, wire frame models, and system management relative to hard disk and tape storage systems.




Grade 12 Credits 2.5 Full Year

Course Fees: $5 per semester

Prerequisites: Credit in ACC Design and Drafting 1


Course Description


Architectural instruction is provided in the areas of locating information using computer data files, determination of materials and availability, project conferences, checking plan dimensions, drawing schematic sketches, preparing scale sketches, producing drawings from written/verbal instructions, application of coordinate dimensioning standards, creating drawings using a plotter/printer, producing renderings and/or charts and graphs, and common plan features. Instruction is also provided in the areas of drawing framing plans, wall sections, fireplace sections, door sections, door and window schedules, dimensioning structural steel drawings, constructing column detail drawings, preparation of structural foundation, slab and floor plans, drawing electrical, block, schematic, and electrical connection drawings. Skills relating to CAD include preparation of a basic CAD drawing, building and editing a data base, developing a 3-dimensional drawing and selecting appropriate line work, line weight, and color. Mechanical instruction is provided in the areas of identifying appropriate interfacing personnel (internal/external), producing renderings and project time schedules, producing structural working drawings as structural steel plans, dimension structural steel drawings, and draw beam connections, and producing electrical and electronic working drawings as electrical and electronic schematic diagrams. Additional skills introduced in this program include determining the requirements of a specific drafting job, preparing preliminary drawings such as freehand, isometric, orthographic, and oblique sketches; preparing detail drawings such as creating assembly drawings, orthographic projections, sectional views, auxiliary views, isometric views and letter drawings; producing mechanical working drawings such as detailing components of mechanical orthographic assembly and subassembly drawings; using CAD command processes as preparing a basic CAD drawing, start up, log on, retrieve, save, log off and shut down CAD system; creating disk files, copying disk files, and generating a grid on drawing.