Grades 11 12 Credits 2.5 Full Year

Course Fees: $5 per semester

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Web Page Design or equivalent course offered by participating school district.


Course Description


Web Page Design and Interactive Media Development 2 is a skill-level course for students who have completed Web Page Design and Interactive Media Development 1. Instruction will include using multimedia authoring applications and programming tools such as JavaScript to create a web site that combines text, hyperlinks, images, video, and sound. Instruction will include using hardware and software to capture, edit, create, and compress audio and video clips as well as create animated text, graphics, and images. Other topics will include using tables to align images with text, creating newspaper -style columns, and inserting side menus and call-outs. Students will learn how to use templates, cascading style sheets and interactive elements to enhance web pages. Students will learn to create dynamic forms that include multiple-choice questions, comment boxes, and buttons. Students will learn how to connect to a database and retrieve and write data. Students are encouraged to develop a portfolio project that demonstrates their expertise in areas such as multimedia authoring, web development, audio and video editing, and advanced JavaScript applications to create interactive web pages.