UTHS Board of Education

BOE Meeting Times: 6:00 pm     * NEW BOARD OF EDUCATION WEBSITE HERE  *

Place: UTHS Administrative Center  BOE Meeting Schedule  BOE Meeting Archives
1275 Avenue of the Cities  BOE Policy Manual
East Moline  IL  61244  BOE Members Listing
Phone: 309-752-1611
Fax:     309-752-1615

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The current Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Jay Morrow are pictured below.

Front row, from left to right, Superintendent Dr. Jay Morrow, Larry Morgensen and Donald J. Sproul
back row, Susan M. Koska,  Janice C. Allison,  Wendy Verschoore  and Sue A. Ickes
Not pictured:  Dr. Harry Arvanis,















Sue Ickes –  President
1124 – 36th Avenue
East Moline  IL  61244

Dr. Harry Arvanis – Vice President
1911 158th St North
East Moline  IL 61244

Janice Allison
549 Oak Lawn Avenue
East Moline  IL 61244

Wendy Verschoore- Secretary
2702 8th Street
East Moline  IL  61244

Larry Morgensen
4707 5th Street A
East Moline  IL 61244

Donald J. Sproul
1800 7th Street, Unit 4C
East Moline  IL 61244

Susan M. Koska
23627 N High Street
Colona  IL 61241