Bus Routes and Pickup Information for 2016 – 2017

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Listed below are the bus numbers and routes for UTHS 2016-2017 School Year.

For any questions please call Cheri Werner – Director of Transportation 309-752-1682.

To find your student’s route, you can log into Parent Access or call the Transportation Office listed above.
How to find bus route

UTHS operates 7 buses that have a 1st run and 2nd run. The routes are designated as follows.

Bus Number / PM Run Number (To Home) / A Letter that corresponds to the particular route area you live in.

For example BUS 012N means you ride on BUS #1 to and from School,  you catch bus on route 012N and ride BUS #1 on the 2nd run home in afternoon. Click on the route code to see where your student can catch their bus.

BUS 011J           Silvis Above the Hill & Crosstown

BUS 012N         Colona South of 7th Ave. & Friendship Farm & Merry Oaks

BUS 051B          Downtown East Moline

BUS 052A         Hampton Route 84  & Campbell’s Island

BUS  171C         Watertown West of 19th Street

BUS 172EF       Hampton Above Hill & Falcon Farms

BUS  041M        Carbon Cliff & Cliff Heights

BUS  042P         Colona- North of 7th Avenue

BUS  031H        Breezy Hollow, 7th St & Hillcrest

BUS 032G         Moline & Millbrook

BUS  021D         Watertown- East of 19th   Street

BUS  022R        Colona East of Route 84

BUS  022I          Silvis Below the Hill

BUS  212L         Babcock, Barstow & Carbon Cliff