Sierra-Lee and Johnson Advance to State Meet, Panthers 3rd at IHSA Sectionals

The UTHS Boys Swim Team hosted the IHSA Sectional Swim Meet and came away with a real nice 3rd place finish and also seeing Eddie Sierra Lee (diving) and Ian Johnson (50 Free) advance to the IHSA State Meet at New Trier High School February 24-25, 2017.  The Sectional was won by Dunlap with 273 points, followed by Moline with 256, UTHS with 186, Galesburg with 175, and LaSalle-Peru with 173 to round out the top 5.  Winners of each event and anyone else under the IHSA State Qualifying time qualified for the IHSA State Meet this coming weekend at New Trier High School.  UTHS Eddie Sierra-Lee was the Sectional Champion in Diving with a score of 356.40 to earn his trip to the State Meet.  Ian Johnson finished in 2nd place in the 50 Free but was under the State Qualifying Time (21.86) with a school record time of 21.49.  Other top six finishes for the Panthers were:  Diego Hernandez (200 Free-5th-1:54.31, 500 Free-3rd-5:11.16), Evan Juarez (200 IM-5th-2:09.43), Ian Johnson (100 Free-3rd-49.10), Jacob Johnson (100 Back-5th-56.84), 200 Medley Relay (Jacob Johnson, Juarez, Ian Johnson, Derek Mottet-4th-1:43.23), 200 Free Relay (Ian Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Mottet, Hernandez-4th-1:30.95), and the 400 Free Relay (Juarez, Jacob Sommer, Jakob Lybarger, Hernandez-5th-3:33.47).  “It was an awesome way to end the year.  The boys were very good all day long.  We had some great swims by everyone.  Eddie came back after a disappointing Conference meet and did great earning his trip to state.  Ian Johnson was really fast in his 50 Free dropping almost a second to go 21.49 to break the school record and book his trip to state.  Our relays were really fast and it just capped a great season for the boys.  I am very proud of the guys and how hard they worked to get here and perform their best of the season.”

Next Meet IHSA State Meet  @ New Trier High School    February 24-25, 2017

Prelims Friday-February 24, 2017     Diving  9:00 am     Swimming:  3:30 pm

Finals  Saturday-February 25, 2017     Noon

Panthers 3rd at Western Big Six Championships

The Boys UTHS Panther swim team battled all day for the second spot at the Western Big Six Championships, but ended up on the short end by only 10 points in finished third at the Conference Championship Swim Meet.  Moline won the meet with 309 points, followed by Galesburg with 269, UTHS with 259, and Rock Island with 201.  Leading the way for the Panthers with runner-up finishes were:  Evan Juarez (200 IM-2;12.85), Ian Johnson (50 Free-22.34, 100 Free-50.10), Diego Hernandez (500 Free-5:10.52), Jacob Johnson (100 Back-57.83), 200 Medley Relay (Jacob Johnson, Juarez, Ian Johnson, Derek Mottet-1:46.05), and the 200 Free Relay (Ian Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Mottet, Hernandez-1:32.42).  Other top three finishes were the 400 Free Relay (Juarez, Jacob Sommer, Jakob Lybarger, Hernandez-3:36.13).  “We swam a real good meet.  Hernandez was really really good.  It was good to see that as he has been dropping every meet to get down to what he did last year, and he surpassed that in the 500 today.  Ian Johnson was also very consistent today and had some good close races.  Juarez moved up in the IM which helped us and our three relays were very good.  Diving hurt us a little as Sierra got beat and our second diver was out sick so we lost 12 points there.  We had a chance to get it back in the 200 Free Relay leading the favorite Galesburg going into our last person but just got beat by .15.  It was a real good race though.  Now we just are going to rest up and get ready for Sectionals at our pool”

The JV team swam a real solid meet and came away winning the Western Big Six JV Invite with 326 points.  Moline was a distant second with 283 points, followed by Galesburg with 268 and Rock Island with 145.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Daniel Lopez (100 Fly-1:05.73), Jakob Lybarger (500 Free-5:48.68), and the 200 Free Relay (Ethan Filby, Alex Carr, Lybarger, Jacob Sommer (1:42.89).  Other top three finishes were:  Lybarger (200 Free-2nd-2:05,18), Jacob Finley (200 IM-2nd-2:31.81, 100 Breast-3rd-1:16.75), Ethan Filby (50 Free-3rd-26.88), Cole Stevens (100 Fly-3rd-1:05.73), Ryan Hannah (500 Free-3rd-6:17.66), Aaron Flemming (100 Breast-2nd-1:15.19), Tanner Earl (Diving-3rd-98.70), 200 Medley Relay (Lopez, Max Finley, Stevens, Carr-2nd-1:59.78), and the 400 Free Relay (Hannah, Tyler Williams, Stevens, Max Finley-2nd-4:10.26).  “It was a good way for our young kids to finish the season.  They have worked real hard all year and did not lose a dual meet so they wanted to win this one.  We still need to work on swimming away from home as we were a little off today after having two great swim meets at home the last couple of weeks.  Jakob Lybarger, Alex Carr, Tyler Williams, Christian Tygart, Tajaun Stacy, Aaron Flemming, Alex Verschoore, and Christian Kincaid were really good today.”

Next Meet Saturday-February 18, 2017  IHSA Sectional Swim Meet @ UTHS

Diving – 9:00 am, Swimming – 1:00 pm

Panthers Drop Rocks on Senior Night

The UTHS Boys Swim Team dropped the Rock Island Rocks 107-74 at the UT Swim Pool on Senior Appreciation Night.  The Panthers won 7 out of 12 events in finishing their dual meet season with a 4-2 record.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Jacob Sommer (200 Free-2:02.41), Diego Hernandez (200 IM-2:17.52), Ian Johnson (50 Free-22.26), Eddie Sierra-Lee (Diving-221.55), Derek Mottet (100 Free-53.17), Jacob Johnson (500 Free-5:55.19), and the 200 Free Relay (Ian Johnson, Mottet, Hernandez, Alex Carr-1:36.91).  “It was a very solid meet by all the boys.  Our seniors were very good all night:  Alex Carr, Max Finley, Diego Hernandez, Ian Johnson, Derek Mottet, Jacob Schmall, Eddie Sierra-Lee, and Alex Verschoore.  Sierra-Lee hit all his hard dives tonight and broke the 200 barrier for the first time.  Now we can ready for the Conference Meet and rest up and see how fast we can swim.”

The JV team finished the season with a perfect 6-0 record as they crush the Rocks 130-18.  The young Panthers won all 12 events.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Christian Tygart (200 Free), Steven Pyevich (200 IM), Ethan Filby (50 Free, 100 Free), Cameron Hetzel (100 Fly), Tajaun Stacy (500 Free), Isaac Mojica (100 Back), Aaron Flemming (100 Breast), 200 Medley Relay (Daniel Lopez, Alex Verschoore, Pyevich, Jacob Schmall), 200 Free Relay (Flemming, Verschoore, Tygart, Filby), and the 400 Free Relay (Tyler Williams, Ryan Hannah, Jacob Finley, Cole Stevens).  “The boys were good again.  They keep getting faster every meet and are able to swim different events now.  Pyevich, Stacy, White, Filby, Hetzel, Schmall, Mojica, and Flemming were very good tonight!  Now we will see what we can do at the Conference meet.”

Next Meet Western Big 6 Conference Swim Meet Saturday-February 11, 2017

Diving – at Knoxville County YMCA     8:30 am

Swimming – at Galesburg High School     12:00 pm

Panthers 4th at Panther Invite

The UTHS Panther Boys Swim Team finished in a strong 4th place at the 11 team 36th Annual UTHS Panther Invitational.  The Panthers were lead by top three finishes by Eddie Sierra-Lee in Diving (2nd-320.15 pts), Ian Johnson in the 50 Free (3rd-22.45), Jacob Johnson in the 100 Back (3rd-57.29), and the 200 Free Relay (Ian Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Derek Mottet, Diego Hernandez-2nd-1:33.51).  Other top six finishes were swam by 200 Medley Relay (Jacob Johnson, Evan Juarez, Ian Johnson, Mottet (4th-1:46.08), Evan Juarez (200 IM-2:14.07-6th), Ian Johnson (100 Free-50.31-4th), and the 400 Free Relay (Juarez, Jacob Sommer, Jakob Lybarger, Hernandez-3:38.35-6th).  “We swam a really good meet.  The kids got their races out hard and were very good at finishing them.  We were very competitive in a very deep meet.  Jacob Johnson and Jacob Sommer were very, very good today.  Diego Hernandez is bringing down his 500 Free finally, Ian Johnson and Derek Mottet were very consistent in the sprints, and Max Finley and Evan Juarez were right at best times.  We are looking forward to a very strong end of the year finish.”

Next Meet  vs Rock Island     Thursday-February 2, 2017  @ UTHS    5:00 pm

Our seniors will be recognized at the beginning of the meet and a taco dinner will be held for all UTHS swimmers and families after the meet in the cafeteria.

Davenport Central Drops Panthers

Davenport Central came to the UTHS Swim Pool and dropped the Panthers 102-81.  The Blue Devils racked up 11 first places with the Panthers only managing one.  The lone winner for the 3-2 Panthers was Eddie Sierra-Lee in Diving with 182.10 points.  “Davenport Central is a very good team as we had a very good meet and still only managed one win.  We swam the boys in some different events and we had a lot of very good results.  Derek Mottet, Jacob Johnson, Jacob Sommer, Ian Johnson, and Max Finley had some very good swims in different events.  We have not had a chance to get some kids in different events to see what they can do and this was the first chance we had.  With these results it just gives us a little more flexibility in meets.”

The JV team improved its record to 5-0 as they dunked the Blue Devils 119-40.  The young Panthers won all 11 events.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Christian Tygart (200 Free), Tyler Williams (200 IM), Alex Carr (50 Free), Steven Pyevich (100 Fly), Jacob Finley (100 Free), Ethan Filby (500 Free), Ryan Hannah (100 Back), Aaron Flemming (100 Breast), 200 Medley Relay (Hannah, Flemming, Finley, Carr), 200 Free Relay (Jacob Schmall, Isaac Mojica, Tajaun Stacy, Tygart), and the 400 Free Relay (Filby, Carr, Tygart, Finley).  “It was a good meet for the jv’s as we were also able to get the boys in some different events.  It was also good to see the different number of boys win events.  We really swam very well even though we had a meet yesterday.  Christian Tygart, Isaac Mojica, Tyler Williams, Alex Carr, Jacob Finley, Alex Verschoore, and Ryan Hannah were very good.”

Next Meet:  Saturday-January 21, 2017

Panther Invitational @ UTHS

Diving-8:30 am     Swimming-1:00 pm

Panther JV’s 4th at Rock Island JV Meet

The UTHS Boys JV Team finished in 4th place at the 6 team Rock Island JV Invitational.  Top six finishers in the meet were:  Ryan Hannah (200 Free-2nd, 500 Free-5th), Tyler Williams (200 Free-6th), Steven Pyevich (100 Fly-6th), Tristan Linnabery (100 Free-2nd), Aaron Flemming (100 Breast-3rd), 200 Medley Relay (Williams, Flemming, Pyevich, Alex Carr-4th), 200 Free Relay (Cole Stevens, Carr, Hannah, Linnabery-3rd), and the 400 Free Relay (Hannah, Stevens, Williams, Linnabery-2nd).  “It was a good meet to get our JV’s in as they need to get into an invitational type meet to get ready for Conference.  We got them into some different events also to get times on them.  Isaac Mojica, Tyler Williams, Aaron Flemming, Jacob Bull, Christian Tygart, and Kanon White had real good swims.”

Next Meet  Tuesday-January 17, 2017     vs Davenport Central @ UTHS  5:00 pm

Panther 5th at Burlington Invite

The UTHS Panther Boys Swim Team had a strong 5th place finish at the 12 team Burlington Invitational.  The Panther boys tallied 179 points, with Pleasant Valley winning the meet with 414 points.  Top 8 finishers for the Panthers were:  Ian Johnson (50 Free-4th-22.86, 100 Free-3rd-51.13), Jacob Johnson (50 Free-6th-23.68, 100 Back-6th-58.84), 200 Medley Relay (Jacob Johnson, Max Finley, Ian Johnson, Derek Mottet-6th-1:48.34), 200 Free Relay (Ian Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Mottet, Diego Hernandez-2nd-1:33.48), and the 400 Free Relay (Hernandez, Jacob Sommer, Jakob Lybarger, Cole Stevens-7th-3:46.86).  “We swam a much better meet than this past Tuesday.  We finished better, our turns were better, and we had a lot of positive swims.  Maybe the three meets in 5 days was a little much, but we got back to some hard training on Wednesday and Thursday and it showed up in how we swam today.  We had some really nice swims from Jacob Sommer, Jakob Lybarger, Max and Jacob Finley, Jacob Johnson, Derek Mottet, Steven Pyevich, Daniel Lopez, and Diego Hernandez.  We had a real nice swim by our 200 Free Relay in getting second place and having their best time by over a second.”

Next Meet:

Rock Island JV Invitational

Monday-January 16, 2017  @ Rock Island High School  12:30 pm

Panthers Swim Past Silver Streaks

The UTHS Boys Panther Swim Team finished up its 3 meets in 5 days by just getting past Galesburg 97-89 at the Galesburg High School Swim Pool.  The now 3-1 Panthers only won 5 events but used its better depth to pick up the win.  Winner for the Panthers were:  Diego Hernandez (200 Free-1:58.97), Eddie Sierra-Lee (Diving-193.35), Ian Johnson (100 Free-52.04), Jacob Johnson (100 Back-1:01.82), and the 200 Medley Relay (Jacob Johnson, Max Finley, Ian Johnson, Derek Mottet).  “It was not a pretty meet by far.  We did just enough to pick up the win.  We were not sharp in finishing our races or our turns.  It will be good to get back to some work in practice the rest of the week to work on these things.  Our divers did a nice job today, as well as Jacob Sommer in the 200 Free.”

The JV team remained unbeaten as they dropped the Silver Streaks 98-64.  The 4-0 Panthers won 8 out of 12 events.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Ryan Hannah (200 Free), Cole Stevens (50 Free, 100 Free), Steven Pyevich (100 Fly), Aaron Flemming (100 Breast), 200 Free Relay (Jacob Schmall, Isaac Mojica, Cody Popejoy, Ethan Filby), and the 400 Free Relay (Filby, Daniel Lopez, Tyler Williams, Jacob Finley).  “We had some good swims and some off swims.  We just need to get more experience swimming in other pools.  Tyler Williams had a good 200 Free, Aaron Flemming had a couple of good swims, Steven Pyevich had a good Fly, Isaac Mojica a good 500 Free, and Cameron Hetzel had a good 100 Breast.”

Next Meet Burlington Invitational @ Burlington High School

Saturday-January 14, 2017     10:00 AM

Panthers 4th at Normal Invite, F/S 6th

The Panthers came off a Friday night meet at Sterling, got up early, and traveled to Normal for the Normal Invitational on Saturday.  The Panthers came away with a 4th place finish out of 8 teams.  The varsity division was won by Edwardsville with 345 points, followed by Richwoods with 336, Normal with 272, and then UTHS with 269.  The F/S division was won by Normal with 301 points, with the Panthers in 6th place with 237 points.  In the Varsity Division the Panthers were lead by Eddie Sierra-Lee who won the diving competition with 349.30 points.  Other top six finishers were:  Cole Johnson (Diving-6th), Diego Hernandez (200 Free-6th, 500 Free-5th), Ian Johnson (50 Free-3rd, 100 Free-5th), Jacob Johnson (100 Fly-5th, 100 Back-3rd), 200 Medley Relay (Jacob Johnson, Finley, Ian Johnson, Derek Mottet-2nd), 200 Free Relay (Mottet, Jacob Johnson, Hernandez, Ian Johnson-5th), and the 400 Free Relay (Hernandez, Jakob Lybarger, Daniel Lopez, Finley-6th).  In the F/S Division the Panthers were lead by Tanner Earl who won the diving competition with 84 points.  Other top six finishers were:  Jacob Sommer (200 Free-6th, 100 Free-4th), Evan Juarez (200 IM-2nd, 100 Fly-4th), 200 Medley Relay (Juarez, Steven Pyevich, Cole Stevens, Sommer-3rd), 200 Free Relay (Sommer, Tristan Linnabery, Stevens, Juarez-2nd), and the 400 Free Relay (Linnabery, Ryan Hannah, Jacob Finley, Pyevich-6th).  “The boys did a real good job coming off the meet from last night.  We told them that this would be like the state meet, having to swim on Friday, and coming back on Saturday with the same events.  Most of the boys came away with two or three real nice swims, better than the night before.  It was the first 11 dive meet for Eddie and he did real well.  We have one more meet to go with this string of meets and look forward to see how we will do.  It is even harder that all these meets are on the road also!”

Next Meet @ Galesburg      Tuesday-January 10, 2017

Diving – 4:30 pm @ Knox County YMCA

Swimming – 5:30 pm @ Galesburg High School

Panthers Dunk Warriors

The UTHS Boys Swim Team improved their record to 2-1 as they dunked the Sterling Golden Warriors 104-82 at the Duis Recreation Center in Sterling, Illinois.  The Panthers were winners in 8 out of the 12 events.  Leading the way with wins for the Panthers were:  Evan Juarez (200 IM-2:14.10), Ian Johnson (50 Free-23.07, 100 Free-52.87), Eddie Sierra-Lee (Diving-183.90), Jacob Johnson (100 Back-58.55), Max Finley (100 Breast-1:10.67), 200 Medley Relay (Jacob Johnson, Juarez, Ian Johnson, Mottet-1:48.26), and the 200 Free Relay (Mottet, Juarez, Diego Hernandez, Ian Johnson-1:36.44).  “It was a good meet for us coming off our Christmas Break practice schedule.  We got a lot of work in and our attendance was very good.  The boys were a little tired but they really swam hard and we came away with some good solid times.  This was our first meet of a three meets in 5 day span.  Diego Hernandez, Evan Juarez, Max Finley, Tyler Williams, and Steven Pyevich had good days for us.”

The JV team also came up with a win against Sterling 100-50.  The now 3-0 Panthers won 8 out of 11 events.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Ryan Hannah (200 Free), Alex Verschoore (200 IM), Cole Stevens (50 Free), Ethan Filby (100 Free), Steven Pyevich (100 Fly), Aaron Flemming (100 Breast), 200 Medley Relay (Tajaun Stacy, Flemming, Pyevich, Alex Carr), 200 Free Relay (Pyevich, Verschoore, Jacob Schmall, Filby), and the 400 Free Relay (Filby, Tyler Williams, Carr, Daniel Lopez).  “It was great that we had a lot of different kids win events today.  We are getting used to swimming regular events now and it is nice to see improvement every meet.”

Next Meet @ Normal Invite     Saturday-January 7, 2017

Diving-9:00 am            Swimming-12:30 pm