Panthers 7th at UT Invite

The UTHS Boys Panther Swim Team finished in 7th place at its own 12 team Panther Invitational.  The Panthers totaled 91 points.  Moline won the invitational with 278.50 points.  Top six finishers for the Panthers were:  Keith Richardson (Diving-4th-309.10), Jacob Johnson (100 Back-3rd-57.24), 200 Medley Relay (Johnson, Steven Pyevich, Lybarger, Jacob Sommer-6th-1:48.99), and the 200 Free Relay (Johnson, Lybarger, Ethan Filby, Sommer-5th-1:36.66)

Next Meet:  Thursday-February 1, 2018  vs Rock Island @ Rock Island  6:00 pm

Panthers Bedevil Blue Devils

The UTHS Boys Panther Swim Team used its depth to get past Davenport Central 104-78 at the UTHS Swim Pool. The now 4-3 Panthers only won 3 events put used a 1-2-3 finish in both the 200 IM and Diving to get past the Blue Devils. Winners for the Panthers were: Jacob Finley (200 IM-2:26.67), Keith Richardson (Diving-176.60), and Jacob Johnson (100 Back-58.34).

The UTHS Boys JV team continued its winning ways by dunking Davenport Central 137-20.  The now 4-1 Panthers were lead by winners:  Seth Hannah (200 Free, 500 Free), Aaron Flemming (200 IM), Ethan Filby (50 Free), Aydin Copas (Diving), Ethan Hergert (100 Fly, 100 Back), Isaac Mojica (100 Free), Cameron Hetzel (100 Breast), 200 Medley Relay (Mojica, Hetzel, Kanon White, Tyler Williams), 200 Free Relay (Seth Hannah, Alex Pyevich, Ethan Dobbles, Nolan Filby), and the 400 Free Relay (Cody Popejoy, Christian Tygart, Hergert, Hetzel).

Next Meet:  Saturday-January 20, 2018     Panther Invite     @ UTHS

Diving:  8:30 am     Swimming:    1:00 pm

Panthers JV 2nd at Rock Island JV Invite

The UTHS Panther boys JV Swim Team finished in 2nd place, only ten points out of first, at the 6 team Rock Island JV Invite.  The Panthers totaled 473 points to Moline’s 483.  Top six finishes for the Panthers were:  Kade Morse (200 Free-1st), Grant Diekman (200 Free-5th, 500 Free-6th), Aidan Zoller (200 IM-4th), Jared Weese (100 Fly-2nd), Ethan Hergert (100 Fly-5th), Christian Tygart (100 Free-4th), Tajaun Stacy (500 Free-2nd), Ethan Hergert (500 Free-3rd), Tyler Williams (500 Free-4th), Ryan Hannah (100 Back-3rd), Jacob Finley (100 Breast-3rd), Cameron Hetzel (100 Breast-4th), 200 Medley Relay A (Hergert, Finley, Weese, Morse-3rd), 200 Medley Relay B (Isaac Mojica, Hetzel, Tygart, Cody Popejoy-4th), 200 Free Relay A (Hannah, Tygart, Mojica, Williams-3rd), 200 Free Relay B (Zoller, Weese, Finley, Seth Hannah-4th), 400 Free Relay A (Weese, Zoller, Morse, Ryan Hannah-2nd), and the 400 Free Relay B (Stacy, Hergert, Williams, Seth Hannah-5th).

Next Meet:  Tuesday-January 16, 2018  vs Davenport Central @ UTHS   5:00 pm

Panthers 7th at Burlington Invite

The UTHS Boys Panther Swim Team finished in 7th place at the 11 team Burlington Invite.  The Panthers totaled 123 points.  Moline won the meet with 456 points.  Top eight finishers for  the Panthers were:  Jacob Johnson (100 Back-4th-57.94), 200 Medley Relay (Johnson, Steven Pyevich, Jakob Lybarger, Cole Stevens-5th-1:50.17), 200 Free Relay (Jacob Sommer, Stevens, Kade Morse, Ethan Filby-8th-1:43.39), and the 400 Free Relay (Lybarger, Sommer, Filby, Johnson-7th-3:44.22).

Next Meet:  Monday-January 15, 2018  Rock Island JV Invite 12:30 pm  @ Rock Island

Panthers Splash Past Silver Streaks

The UTHS Boys Swim Team evened it record last night at 3-3 as they splashed past the Galesburg Silver Streaks 98-88.  The Panthers won 6 out of the 12 events but used a 1-2 finish in the first event (200 Medley Relay) to get a lead and hold it throughout the meet.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Jacob Johnson (50 free-23.52, 100 Bak-57.72), Keith Richardson (Diving-176.60), Jakob Lybarger (100 Fly-1:00.81), 200 Medley Relay (Johnson, Steven Pyevich, Lybarger, Cole Stevens-1:50.31), and the 200 Free Relay (Jacob Sommer, Stevens, Kade Morse, Ethan Filby-1:41.16).

The JV team improved to 3-1 as they romped over Galesburg 129-41.  The Panthers won 10 out of 12 events.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Seth Hannah (200 Free), Jacob Finley (200 IM, 100 Breast), Isaac Mojica (50 free), Aydin Copas (Diving), Christian Tygart (100 Fly), Tajaun Stacy (100 Free), Tyler Williams (500 Free), 200 Medley Relay (Alex Pyevich, Cameron Hetzel, Kanon White, Mojica), and the 200 Free Relay (Hetzel, Finley, White, Hannah).

Next Meet:  Saturday-January 13, 2018

Burlington Invite   @ Burlington High School      10:00 am

Panthers Varsity 3rd, F/S 4th at Iron Invite

The UTHS Boys Panther Swim Team finished very nicely at the Iron Invite at Normal Community High School.  In the split squad format, the varsity boys finished third in the 8 team field with 298 points, and the Freshman/Sophomore boys finished in 4th with a score of 256 points.  For the varsity boys top six finishes were turned in by Keith Richardson (Diving-2nd-328.15), Jacob Sommer (200 Free-5th-2:04.15), Jacob Johnson (50 Free-3rd-23.99, 100 Back-3rd-56.87), Jakob Lybarger (50 Free-6th-24.71, 100 Fly-4th-1:00.50), Aaron Flemming (100 Breast-6th-1:11.18), 200 Medley Relay (Johnson, Steven Pyevich, Lybarger, Ethan Filby-4th-1:50.35), 200 Free Relay (Sommer, Daniel Lopez, Filby, Jacob Finley-4th-1:43.57), and the 400 Free Relay (Lybarger, Filby, Sommer, Johnson-4th-3:43.87).  Top six finishers for the F/S team were Elliot Witherspoon (Diving-5th-119.90), Aidan Zoller (200 Free-6th-2:13.66), Kade Morse (200 IM-4th-2:25.96, 100 Free-4th-57.66), Cole Stevens 950 free-6th-25.93, 100 Free-5th-58.56), 200 Medley Relay (Ethan Hergert, Jared Weese, Morse, Stevens-5th-2:01.85), 200 Free Relay (Weese, Cameron Hetzel, Zoller, Kanon White-4th-1:56.64), and the 400 Free Relay (Morse, Stevens, Zoller, Hergert-4th-4:05.83).

Next Meet:  Tuesday-January 9, 2018   vs Galesburg @ UTHS     5:00 pm

Sterling drops Panthers

The Sterling golden Warriors invaded the UTHS Swim Pool Friday night and came away with a 101-85 victory.  The Panthers, despite swimming their best of the year, were only able to win two out of the 12 events but their better depth kept the meet close throughout.  The 2-3 Panthers were led by winners Jacob Johnson (100 Back-57.87) and the 400 Free Relay (Jakob Lybarger, Jacob Sommer, Ethan Filby, Johnsn-3:45.92).

The JV team won their part of the meet whipping Sterling 100-15.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Aydin Copas (Diving), Seth Hannah (200 free), Steven Pyevich (200 IM), Aaron Flemming (50 Free), Christian Tygart (100 Fly), Cole Stevens (100 Free), Ethan Hergert (100 Back), and Cameron Hetzel (100 Breast).

Next Meet:  Saturday-January 6, 2018     Iron Invite  @  Normal Community

Diving – 8:30 am     Swimming – 12:30 pm

Panthers Win Richwoods Triangular

The UTHS Boys Swim Team travelled to Peoria Richwoods over the Christmas Break and came away with a win as they won the Richwoods Triangular outpointing host Richwoods by a 936-925 score. Normal Community came in third with a score of 703. Leading the way for the Panthers with top 8 finishes were: Jacob Sommer (200 Free-6th-2:08.62, 100 Free-6th-56.79), Kade Morse (200 IM-6th-2:28.27, 100 Free-7th-58.88), Jacob Finley (200 IM-7th-2:30.67100 Breast-7th-1:19.63), Steven Pyevich (200 IM-8th-2:33.05, 100 Breast-4th-1:14.06), Jacob Johnson (50 free-3rd-24.31, 100 Back-2nd-59.29), Jakob Lybarger (50 free-5th-24.82, 100 Fly-4th-1:01.20), Ethan Filby (50 free-8th-26.16, 100 Free-8th-58.97), Keith Richardson 9diving-2nd-168.05), Cameron Greenwood (Diving-5th-132.55), Elliot Witherspoon (Diving-6th-111.85), Aydin Copas (Diving-7th-95.05), Tanner Earl (Diving-8th-92.55), Daniel Lopez (100 Fly-6th-1:08.07, 100 Back-5th-1:15.15), Cole Stevens (100 Fly-7th-1:10.06), Ryan Hannah (500 Free-5th-6:16.12), Aiden Zoller (500 Free-7th-6:25.33), Seth Hannah (500 Free-8th-6:26.58), Tajaun Stacy (100 Back-6th-1:16.30), Ethan Hergert (100 Back-8th-1:19.26), Cameron Hetzel (100 Breast-5th-1:17.33), Jared Weese (100 Breast-8th-1:19.92), 200 Medley A (Johnson, Pyevich, Lybarger, Sommer-3rd-1:50.86), 200 Medley Relay B (Lopez, Flemming, Morse, Stevens-5th-2:03.05), 200 Medley Relay C (Hergert, Finley, Weese, Filby-7th-2:08.11), 200 Medley Relay D (Stacy, Hetzel, Christian Tygart, Cody Popejoy-8th-2:11.44), 200 Free Relay A (Finley, Flemming, Pyevich, Weese-4th-1:53.31), 200 Free Relay B (Stacy, Hergert, Lopez, Seth Hannah-5th-1:56.11), 200 Free Relay C (Ethan Dobbles, Nolan Filby, Alex Pyevich, Jakob King-8th-2:12.51), 400 Free Relay A (Lybarger, Sommer, Filby, Johnson-4th-3:49.49), 400 Free Relay B (Stevens, Morse, Ryan Hannah, Tyler Williams-6th-4:05.25), and the 400 Free Relay C (Kanon White, Grant Diekman, Popejoy, Dobbles-8th-4:45.58).

Next Meet: Friday-January 5, 2018 @ UTHS @ 5:00 pm