Community Foundation Scholarships

Directions to fill out application for the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend Scholarships

1.  Go to: Community Foundation Scholarships (Click Here)   This is a list of all the scholarships and their requirements.

2.  Before the scholarship explanations click on the link that says: “click here to create an account and complete the application.”

3.  Follow the instructions.

4.  Choose the scholarship you wish to apply for and click on the name of the  scholarship.

5.  Fill out the online form.


***In order to get a copy of your transcripts to the Community Foundation electronically, request the school registrar, Marcy Johnson, to send an official copy to the Foundation’s Program Associate at

***If you have a document that is not a digital (on the computer) file, click on the fax to file link under tools at the top left to learn how to turn a paper copy into a digital copy.


              Scholarships Available for UTHS Students

           Corky Kress Golf Scholarship

                  Craig Manwaring Memorial Scholorship for UT (click on name)

          Don & Charlotte Williams Scholarship

           Dr. and Mrs. Yang Ho Rhee Scholarship

           Edwin R. Adland & Ruth H. Adland Scholarship

      Gene S. Duke Scholarship

            Great River Bend Cyclone Award Scholarship

           Kelley Marie McQuate Memorial Scholarship

         Ligino Family Scholarship

         Louis Bulechek Scholarship

         Mike Condon Memorial Scholarship

        Morency Foster Youth Scholarship

         William H. Kleinschmidt Scholarship