Request for leave tutorial


Here is a step by step procedure to demonstrate how to enter requests with EMPLOYEE ACCESS on the web.

Once you are in Employee Access you will find there are multiple ways to do the same action. To begin with here we will use one single path to demonstrate the flow and terms used in the overall process.

The best way to start with EMPLOYEE ACCESS is to login from our homepage.

Go to Administration/Business Office/Employee Access

This will take you to the login page below. You can access this from home as well.


 Here put in user name and password.


This will take you here and your screen will vary with security and role, but look for the tab in upper right called EMPLOYEE ACCESS as it appears below and click it.

This will open the next screen.

Then click TIME OFF button and you will see the menu expand like below.

For this example, click on MY TIME OFF STATUS, this will give you a screen showing all your time off in the system. It will help guide you through the sequence and make the most sense.

Here you can chose a type of leave you want to check the balance of and request to take it off. The PLUS (+) signs mean more detail is available by clicking.

Here is an example, by clicking VACATION, you can see all requests, the status of them, and ADD A TIME OFF REQUEST, by clicking on that sentence next to word PENDING REQUESTS.

Clicking here opens the window below where you enter the request, *this route or option of entering the request, while longer, has the advantage of allowing you to check the balance beforehand and PRE-SELECTS THE LEAVE CODE.

Then enter the corresponding REASON CODE that matches the TIME OFF CODE, for example, for Time Off Code Vacation, use Reason Code Vacation and so on.

The reason codes are not used for anything at this point until we start tracking professional development and similar leaves.

You can, but DO NOT have to enter a description as well. This does come in handy if you want to keep track of why you personally took that particular time off for reference later.

Then to continue, complete the rest of the request:





START TIME  -  Then Click SAVE


When you click save you will then see it in the PENDING REQUESTS. An email and message is Finance is sent to your SUPERVISOR who reviews the request and will either approve or deny it. If approved the request will automatically be applied to your balance. All this communication is sent to you via email.

You can check the status of the REQUEST by Clicking on it the DATE when it is still PENDING Example below, here you can see when it was generated and who has yet to approve it. * You may have more than one level of approval to wait for until your request is finall approved or denied. Here you can see after entry the request is waiting for approval.

Here you can see 20 minutes later it has been approved by the immediate supervisor and now is awaiting approval from the next level before final approval.

Once final approval has been given, you will receive an email confirming it and it will be applied to your balance.