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    Beth Tepen, Librarian
    Office Phone: 309.752.1666
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    Lisa Carroll, LTA,
    Secretary + Textbooks

    Desk Phone: 309.752.1626

    Wendy Medley
    Library Clerk + Interlibrary Loan wmedley@uths.net
    Desk phone: 309.752.2109

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    Monday - Friday
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    Books - 3 weeks
    Audio materials - 3 weeks
    Magazines - overnight
    Videos - overnight
    AV Equipment - overnight

  • Library Fines

    Fines - 10 cents per school day.
    Copies - 10 cents per page.
  • School related Fines

Playwrights and primary sources

Posted by Mrs. Tepen on November 11, 2016

Looking for a primary source for a play? Try these resources, with thanks to Mrs. Carroll for rounding them up.

http://classics.mit.edu/Search/index.html – Greek and Roman only

http://www.readprint.com/books-6/Plays  -Searchable source for play books, search for a title, select it and then Read Online, or with a link to purchase on Amazon, often free from Kindle

http://www.the-noh.com/en/plays/index.html – For Japanese Noh plays synopsis and highlights