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People + Events That Changed the World

Use these suggestions to begin your research on a significant person, country or event whose influence changed the world.

Research on library databases at school or
At Home Access:
Passwords are available from Library Staff


 Selected from John Canning’s 100 Great Events that Changed the World (902 CAN)
Code of Hammurabi

 Founding of Rome

Habeus Corpus Act
 Teachings of Buddha  Guttenberg’s moveable type Bessemer converter- mass production of steel
 Lao-Tze founds Taoism  Columbus discovers the New World Charles Darwin
 Hippocratic Method  Vasco deGama Karl Marx
 Thought of Plato and Aristotle  Copernicus Discovery of X-Rays
 Julius Caesar gains power in Rome  Martin Luther and the Reformation Marconi’s wireless communication
 Teachings of Jesus  British Empire/ Colonization Discovery of Radium 226
 Vision of St. Paul  William Harvey English- blood circulation discovery Freud
 Constantine adopts Christianity  Science of Newton Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
 Destruction of the Roman Empire Penicillin  Founding of Islam
 Charlemange the Great Joan of Arc  Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations
 Otto the Great and the Holy Roman Empire  Manifest of Mary Wollstonecraft Development of atom bomb
 Magna Carta French Revolution Teachings of Buddhism
 Gunpowder  Daguerrotype Queen Elizabeth I or II
 Black Death  Nitrous oxide as anesthetic James Watts’ steam engine