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UTHS School Nurse
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Physicals and Immunizations

Illinois State Law requires United Township High School District #30 to show proof that each student is in compliance with Immunization and Physical requirements.

School Physical                       Physical Form – English           Physical Form – Espanol

The Illinois School Code, chapter 122-Section 27-8, requires that all students must have a Health Examination by a physician and show proof of this examination upon admission to ninth grade. Examination forms MUST be submitted on the approved form provided by the Illinois Department of Health and the Illinois State Board of Education. IHSA Pre-Participation Sport forms will NOT be accepted as a ninth-grade health examination.

Immunizations                        Required Immunizations List for Fall 2017

The Department of Health requires all students to present the local school with documented evidence of updated immunizations (Public Act 093-0966).


Your child will NOT be allowed to register for school if any of the forms are incomplete or missing, or if the student’s immunizations records are not up-to-date.

Religious Exemption           Religious Exemption Form

If you object to the above requirements on religious grounds, your child will not be required to comply. However, the Illinois Department of Health and the Illinois State Board of Education require that an Illinois Certificate of Religious Exemption form be completed in full and submitted to school personnel. If an outbreak should occur, all non-compliant students at risk for contracting the disease will be excluded from school.

Medication in School

United Township High School District #30 policy states that medication will only be given to students at school when a physician states the medication or treatment is required to be given during school hours in order for the student to remain in school.

Please contact the school nurse or school administration for any health questions or concerns regarding your student.

Chaise Nache, RN BSN
School Nurse