Galesburg Streaks Past UT Tankers

Galesburg Silver Streaks streaked past the UTHS Panther Girls Swim Team 102-81 at the UTHS Swim Pool.  Despite winning 8 out of 12 events the Panthers had no answer for the Streaks depth.  The key events which led to the loss were the 200 Freestyle and Diving where the Panthers were outscored 26-3.  Winners for the 3-2 Panthers were:  Kendra Diamond (200 IM-2:21.07, 500 Free-5:34.93), Brandi LaFountaine (50 Free-26.12, 100 Back-1:00.65), Caitlin Dassow (100 Fly-1:05.11, 100 Breast-1:18.00), 200 Medley Relay (LaFountaine, Dassow, Kaisa Sommer, Diamond-2:00.49), and the 200 Free Relay (LaFountaine, Dassow, Sommer, Diamond-1:49.10).

The JV team also lost to Galesburg 63-43. The 1-4 JV Panthers were lead by the winner Ariel Wilcox (100 Breast).

Next Meet: “Panther Sprint Classic”  Saturday-September 30, 2017 @ UTHS 10:00 AM

Panthers Shoot down Bombers

The UTHS girls Swim Team got back to its winning ways by bombing the Macomb Bombers 114-25 at the UTHS Swim Pool.  the 3-1 Panthers were winners in all 11 events.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Ali Ogden (200 free-2:22.47, 100 Fly-1:16.66), Kaisa Sommer (200 IM-2:32.57, 100 Back-1:10.13), Kendra Diamond (50 Free-27.23), Brandi LaFountaine (100 Free-57.57), Caitlin Dassow (500 Free-5:43.76, 100 Breast-1:17.26), 200 Medley Relay (Diamond, Dassow, Sommer, LaFountaine-2:02.82), 200 Free Relay (Evita Fazliu, Devlyn Whiles, Sommer, LaFountaine-2:03.59), and the 400 Free Relay (Ogden, Fazliu, Paige Tygart, Mia Franks-5:00.75).

The JV team finally got their first win, after losing three close meets, by blanking Macomb 26-0.  The lone Panther winner was Ariel Wilcox in both the 50 and 100 Free.

Next Meet:     vs Galesburg     Tuesday-September 26, 2017     5:00 pm     @ UTHS

Panthers 8th at Iron Invite

The Panther girls swim team finished 8th out of 8 teams at the Iron Invitational.  Disqualifications in two out of the three relay events really hurt the Panther’s effort.  Leading the way with top six performances were:  Kendra Diamond (200 Free-4th-2:05.72, 500 Free-3rd-5:32.01), Caitlin Dassow (200 IM-6th-2:26.06, 100 Fly-3rd-1:04.79), Brandi LaFountaine (100 Back-2nd-1:00.78), and the 400 Free Relay (Dassow, Diamond, Kaisa Sommer, LaFountaine-6th-4:05.83).

The Frosh-Soph team also finished in 8th place.

Next Meet vs Macomb     Tuesday-September 19, 2017    5:00 pm   @ UTHS


Rocks Drop Panthers

The UTHS Panther Girls Swim Team traveled to Rock Island for its first WB6 Conference Swim Meet and were dropped by the Rocks 109-73.  In a meet with a lot of close races the now 2-1 Panthers were only able to win 4 out of the 12 events.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Kendra Diamond (200 Free-2:06.26, 500 Free-5:31.48), Brandi LaFountaine (100 Back-1:01.38), and the 200 Free Relay (Caitlin Dassow, Kaisa Sommer, Diamond, LaFountaine-1:50.68).

The JV squad lost another close on as the Rocks squeaked by 55-54.  Winners for the 0-3 Panthers were:  Ariel Wilcox (200 Free), Autumn Dillin (200 IM), Jaylie Marberry (100 Free), Jasmine Westbrook (100 Back),and the 400 Free Relay (Dillin, Marberry, Wilcox, Alexis Rivera).

Next Meet at Iron Invite     Saturday-September 16, 2017     @ Normal Community

Diving     8:30 am          Swimming     12:30 pm


Panthers 6th at Rock Island Relays

The UTHS Panther Girls Swim Team finished in 6th place out of 8 teams at the Rock Island Relay Meet.  In the first invitatational meet of the year the Panthers struggled a little but will learn from it.  Leading the way with top six performances in the all relay meet were:  200 Medley Relay (Paige Tygart, Devlyn Whiles, Ali Ogden, Mia Franks-6th-2:20.13), 200 IM Relay (Caitlin Dassow, Kendra Diamond-2nd-4:48.84), 200 Fly Relay (Dassow, Kaisa Sommer-4th,2:12.92), 200 Free Relay (Brandi LaFountaine, Diamond-2nd-1:57.35), 200 Free Relay (Dassow, Sommer, Diamond, LaFountaine-3rd-1:49.54), 200 Back Relay (LaFountaine, Sommer-2nd-2:07.54), 200 Breast Relay (Ogden, Whiles-6th-2:56.48), and the 400 Free Relay (Dassow, Diamond, Sommer, LaFountaine-3rd-4:00.18).

Next Meet:  at Rock Island     Thursday-September 14, 2017     5:00 pm

Panthers Tame Falcons

In the Panthers first home meet of the year, the UTHS girls tamed the Davenport West Falcons 104-57.  The now 2-0 Panthers were dominate in winning 10 out the 12 events. Winners for the Panthers were:  Kendra Diamond (200 Free-2:05.66, 500 Free-5:32.99), Caitlin Dassow (200 IM-2:24.79, 100 Fly-1:04.41), Brandi LaFountaine (50 Free-25.70, 100 Back-59.60), Kaisa Sommer (100 Free-59.94), Ali Ogden (100 Breast-1:22.79), 200 Medley Relay (LaFountaine, Ogden, Dassow, Sommer-2:02.28), 200 Free Relay (Mia Franks, Paige Tygart, Natalie Davis, Diamond-1:59.18), and the 400 Free Relay (Diamond, Dassow, Sommer, LaFountaine-3:59.29).

The JV girls had another close meet, but came up on the short end to Davenport West 52-44 to drop to 0-2 on the season.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Jaylie Marberry (100 Free), Alexis Friend (50 Breast), and the 400 Free Relay (Autumn Dillin, Ariel Wilcox, Brianna Griebel, Marberry).

Panthers Race Past Greyhounds to Open 2017 Season

The UTHS Panther Girls Swim Team traveled to Burlington to open up its 2017 season under new coach Brett Busch, and captured it first win of the season by racing past the Greyhounds 88-80.  The 1-0 Panthers won 9 out of the 12 events earning Coach Busch his first career victory.  Leading the way with wins for the Panthers were:  Kendra Diamond (200 Free-2:07.31, 500 Free-5:35.26), Caitlin Dassow (200 IM-2:30.73, 100 Fly-1:06.75), Brandi LaFountaine (50 Free-26.62, 100 Back-1:01.11), 200 Medley Relay (LaFountaine, Ali Ogden, Dassow, Kaisa Sommer-2:04.26), 200 Free Relay (Diamond, Natalie Davis, Paige Tygart, Mia Franks-2:03.58), and the 400 Free Relay (Dassow, Sommer, LaFountaine, Diamond-4:05.51).

The JV girls ended up on the short end of a close meet, losing 44-43 to Burlington.  Winners for the Panthers were:  Autumn Dillin (50 Fly), Ariel Wilcox (50 Back), Alexis Friend (50 Breast), and the 200 Medley Relay (Brianna Griebel, Evita Fazliu, Dillin, Jasmine Westbrooks).

Next Meet vs Davenport West     Thursday-August 31, 2017     5:00 pm @ UTHS